Call for treasury jobs to come to the Tees Valley

Photo licensed by creative commons

We need a mayor that speaks up for all the Tees Valley and that means bringing jobs, investment and opportunities to our town centres. Jessie Joe-Jacobs, who is Labour’s candidate for Tees Valley Mayor, is calling for the government to bring 750 treasury jobs to Teesside. She believes that investment decisions have too often favoured the south east and that this needs to change. She says: “This should be seen as a small step towards rebalancing years of Conservative neglect. It shouldn’t even be a question.”

She is also calling for an assurance that town centres are offered as the main location.

“Our town centres are the beating heart of the Tees Valley’ local economy. They are our culture, leisure and retail hubs, and we should be doing all we can to promote increased footfall – especially as we look to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Jessie is concerned that Ben Houchen, the current Tees Valley Mayor has been talking down new office accommodation in places like Middlesbrough, seeking instead to direct the Government to look at ‘out of town’ options, especially around Teesside Airport. 

A Teesside Live article on 19 January 2021, states: “Mr Houchen has been pushing the case strongly for land at the south side of Teesside Airport to be the chosen site and previously claimed a town centre location such as Middlesbrough would not be big enough for the Government’s plans.”

If this were to happen then the main beneficiary would be the airport, not the Tees Valley as a whole. 

Jessie believes that the Tees Valley is about to see a mini revival and people will come here from all over the UK to live, work and play. She quite rightly sees it as: “one of the greatest undiscovered places in the UK, from the stunning coast, the beautiful hills to the vibrant cultural scene, affordable homes and some of the warmest, passionate and brilliant people you will meet.”

And she adds: “It is a perfect location for government decision makers to relocate to. Let’s not allow them to get stuck at an out of town development.“

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