A-levels, Covid-19 – a right Eton Mess?

Eton College
Photo: Wikimedia commons.
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It may be a bit rich to suggest that Mr Johnson got his just deserts when he was forced to cut short his holidays in Scotland after just three days, but he has caused a right Eton Mess for the UK.

Johnson attended Eton College, Britain’s most famous public school. He is the 20th British Prime Minister to have been a pupil there. 

He went on to study at Oxford University where he co-edited the university’s satirical magazine, Tributary. He was elected secretary of the Oxford Union in 1984 and then President of the Oxford Union in 1986.

Study International writes: “His tutors remembered him as ‘a good egg’, destined for a first. However, he graduated with a 2:1 and a deep-held disappointment for not achieving one.”

This great education seems to have taught him precious little about leadership and managing in a crisis, essential skills needed to hold a great office.

Skills he learnt in spades, it seems, were how to write in an entertaining fashion, how to be jovial and witty and how to be a success with the ladies.

But what of the man and his skills as prime minister? He was elected as leader over Jeremy Hunt. I imagine that many conservatives may now regret their vote. A leader needs to be able to lead, communicate, inspire and provide hope when things get tough. We have seen precious few of these skills in the current Prime Minister.

This government made 11 U Turns on their own policies in the last 14 weeks. Whilst many of these have been welcomed, why did they get it so wrong in the first place? It does not inspire trust.

The U-turn on the A-level grades will be remembered for a very long time particularly by young people who were adversely impacted. It will be interesting to see how they vote in the next General Election. By then the current GCSE students will have the right to vote.

And how about if there is No deal Brexit combined with a massive spike in coronavirus cases in the winter?

Covid-19 has been a huge challenge but already Johnson and his team of ministers have made mistake after mistake and plunged the country into an even greater crisis than it should have done. As a result of their mismanagement the UK has the highest death rates of any European country.

The ‘Doomsday Dossier’ leaked to the Sun reveals plans to have the military on the streets and airdrops of food for the Channel Islands as it is anticipated that the ports will be jammed leading to food and power shortages and perhaps even civil unrest.

What an Eton Mess!

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