A successful bonfire night in Northumberland and Tyne & Wear

Fireworks in Allendale

Fireworks in Allendale

Many of us enjoyed the fireworks, the great fire, food trucks, the presence of fire fighters and shortage of incidents requiring them. The Lions event was much appreciated.

Firefighters across the rest of Northumberland had a busy Bonfire night and handled 343 calls.

Northumberland County Council said:

“Crews attended 60 bonfires across Northumberland, as well as attending other incidents including a serious Road Traffic Collison. Fortunately, there were no serious instances of abusive or violent behaviour towards fire crews across Northumberland.”

Group Manager for Community Risk and Response, Steve Kennedy said:

“Although we have had a busy night, due to the working closely with partners such as Northumbria Police and Northumberland County Council, both on the night and on the run up to the event, the night was enjoyed safely by our residents and the fire crews.”

Bonfire Night in Tyne and Wear

In Tyne and Wear the 5 November bonfire night was also hailed as a success.

A joint campaign to combat crime and anti-social behaviour in South Tyneside resulted in the creation of the Darker Nights campaign in 2014. In the run up to Bonfire Night and beyond the South Tyneside Council Darker Nights Bonfire Night safety campaign, involved Northumbria Police, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service and South Tyneside Homes from 22 October until 9 November.

Fire Service bosses have praised the success of and thanked the public – parents and guardians in particular – for passing on the important messages to their children and relatives about the dangers of fire, fireworks and anti-social behaviour.

Early figures show (comparisons across Tyne & Wear between 2020 and 2021):

 11.8% decrease in the number of calls received from 915 to 807

5.8% decrease in the total number of incidents attended from 462 to 435

13.3% decrease in the number of deliberate secondary fires from 203 to 176

33% decrease in the number of Firework related primary fires from 3 to 2

On the evening of 5 November the Tyne and Wear FRS control room handled 356 calls, this was a 22.4% decrease from last year’s Bonfire Night (459).

Richie Rickaby, Area Manager for Community Safety at Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, said: 

“Bonfire Night can be a very dangerous time of year and we would like to thank the people of Tyne and Wear for taking on board and appreciating our annual safety messages in the build up to November the fifth.  The resulting figures speak for themselves with the majority of areas falling significantly from last year.

 “The success is down to partnership working with our blue light colleagues and other public sector organisations including local authorities. This saw effective community clean ups across the whole of Tyne and Wear, where discarded objects were removed in advance of Bonfire Night, and schools across the region received online fire prevention packs to talk about in class.  We hope this trend of care and awareness continues all year round as we still need to hit home that respect needs to be given to our emergency service crews and colleagues as they help serve the local community.”

Firefighting at night

Despite the reduction in figures, TWFRS did still record six attacks on their crews across the Bonfire weekend.

Nobody was injured during the incidents, where missiles were thrown at the appliances, and enquiries to identify those responsible will continue alongside Northumbria Police.

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