A year of Boriiis (Part 3)

Boriiis cartoon
Suzy Varty

Our weekly cartoon, Boriiis, actually started life as Bo and Do. As North East Bylines has now been going for one year, we thought that you might like to see Boriiis’s journey since we started.

Here is Part 3 of our collection by Suzy Varty. You can see the earlier parts below.

Part 1 Part 2

Issue 22 Boriiis’s Christmas balls (up)
Issue 25 Boriiis sets an example
Issue 28 Boriiis’s Scottish adventure
Issue 23 Boriiis rebrands failure as success
Issue 26 Boriiis gets world beating
Issue 29 Boriiis explains
Issue 24 Boriiis the two-faced god of…
Issue 27 Boriiis does his best
Issue 30 Boriiis leads by example

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