A year of Boriiis (Part 5)

Issue 42 Boriiis the leveller

Our weekly cartoon, Boriiis, actually started life as Bo and Do. As North East Bylines has now been going for one year, we thought that you might like to see Boriiis’s journey since we started.

Here is Part 5 of our collection by Suzy Varty. You can see the earlier parts below.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Issue 43 Boriiis is crystal clear
Boriiis instils patriotism into schools but he fails on his arithmetic
Issue 52 Boriiis does Freedom Day at Chequers
Issue 44 Boriiis makes a protective shield (around himself)
Issue 50 Boriiis abdicates responsibility
Issue 53 Boriiis lies
Issue 45 Boriiis does 150,000 Hail Marys to absolve himself
Issue 51 Boriiis accepts an exit wave
Issue 54 Boriiis’s babes

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