North East Bylines is a digital online newspaper for the North East of England. Our articles are written by volunteer citizen journalists, people just like you who want a more constructive and honest news source. We will be the voice of everyone living in the North East; people from all walks of life who may have lost faith in much of our mainstream media as a way of representing their views.

These are momentous times. Coronavirus arrived hard on the heels of Brexit and apparently wearing the livery of the four horsemen. The authorities are struggling to manage a crisis that threatens to engulf us. It may be that the secure and comfortable world we all knew will not return for a very long time.

So, Britain is changing and changing fast.

North East Bylines will chronicle that change from the ground up. We will speak truth to power, holding to account and challenging the narrative of those that want to lead this country. We will examine the facts and offer critical analysis of events. We aim to be popular but not populist. We will explain the hard choices that need to be made and acknowledge the difficult choices that need to be taken.

Extra vigilance will be needed to hold the government to account. We intend to take up that task for the North East.

North East Bylines will be steadfast in reminding our representatives of what they said and what they were elected to do.

Friday 3 July 2020

We aim to encourage people from a wide range of backgrounds to help us. We want to ensure the UK travels in a positive, inclusive direction over the coming years.

Here are some of the things we hope to do, in the real world and online:

  • Keep an accurate and impartial record of how decisions impact on our neighbours and communities.
  • Watch what leaders, organisations and businesses say and do – and hold them to account by sharing that information with the public.
  • Play a decisive role in shaping the future for us all.

You can support us by reading North East Bylines and sharing our articles widely.

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If you’d like to be part of it, there’s plenty to do.

Practically, we need people to interview and podcast, be investigative reporters, attend and report on local committees, and talk to their MPs.

We’d love journalists, photographers, videographers, picture editors, illustrators, and cartoonists to contribute their skills and interests.

We would also gladly welcome sub-editors, editors and advisers, as well as people to draft FOI requests, sift through published data, gather and publish our own data.


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