Afternoon tea and fragrances at the local virtual xmas market: Part 4

You. me and Afternoon Tea delivers in the North East

You, Me and Afternoon Tea is an online delivery service which offers a range of afternoon tea options. The business started only four months ago and is being a roaring success! I spoke to Joanne Coyle who explained that she started the business with her sister as they both have a real love of baking and that her sister is renowned for her cheese scones and cupcakes! 

“We deliver delicious homemade afternoon tea boxes, cupcakes, and children’s picnic boxes to your door. Our afternoon tea boxes have been very popular to send as a gift for friends and family that you are unable to see due to Covid-19 restrictions. We have delivered as birthday, thank you and anniversary gifts, new baby congratulations, gender reveals and small weddings. At the moment, we are taking orders for children’s Halloween boxes and are planning adult Christmas themed boxes which will include a party hat and quiz. We hope to sell Christmas gift vouchers, too.”

“We deliver free of charge in a five mile radius of Longhoughton and Wideopen, and can cover Newcastle, North Tyneside and South East and East Northumberland for a small fee.”

You, me and Afternoon Tea is part of the local virtual xmas market, which has helped the business to reach a wider audience through facebook.

Another local business who is running a stall at the market is Be our Scent. As the name suggests they offer a range of home fragrances including wax melts, sizzlers, soaps, bath bombs and room sprays. I asked Becca Hunter how she started. She said:

“I decided to start selling these products because I buy so many of them for myself and  absolutely love them. I have tried a range of different products, nothing compares to these ones and the prices are amazing too! I honestly think if you believe in your products you don’t need to do a hard sell. The products sell themselves. I work full time, have four children and this is a hobby for me, seeing other people so happy with their products makes me happy.”

Be our Scent

“I love the idea of a virtual xmas market as social media has such an impact on society. I have had orders from all over the country from local places to Wales, Glasgow and Shropshire. This allows the businesses to grow across the country.” 

“I offer excellent quality products at amazingly low prices. I don’t intend to my full time job, it is simply something extra for my children for a holiday. 

“I feel in these very difficult times it is important that we come together as a community. The support available in this group is amazing. People help each other, encourage each other and support each other’s businesses. It’s not very often you get this because there is usually so much competition.”

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