Audio Articles

Research: can’t be bothered?

Dominic Cummings: made in the North East

Just who are the people and who represents them?

Freedom Day: free to do as I want?

Middle England: a pilgrimage with Brendan McBear (part 1)

Corridor issues: a pilgrimage with Brendan McBear (part 2)

Oxford and Aylesbury: a pilgrimage with Brendan McBear (part 3)

The importance of place: a pilgrimage with Brendan McBear (part 4)

In search of St Alkmund: a pilgrimage with Brendan McBear (part 5)

Churches, wells, and a labyrinth: a pilgrimage with Brendan McBear (part 6)

Border anniversaries: a pilgrimage with Brendan McBear (part 7)

Return to the middle: a pilgrimage with Brendan McBear (part 8)

A 3% pay rise is not enough for NHS England

Lions and diplomacy

I was rubbish at football so I became a writer


Is Britishvolt two timing Blyth?

Save the student!

Hares and tortoises in the Covid-19 vaccine race


Dissolving into nature: an antidote to excess

Starving to free Nazanin

Hexham named happiest place in the UK

Border anniversaries


Are we really the progressives we claim to be?

Teaching in Leeds

Teaching in East Africa

The fallacy of the sovereignty argument

Brushing my hair


Teaching in Uganda: Part 1

Teaching in Uganda: Part 2

Forelock tugging in the 21st century?

Unsupervised play

New batteries from old, or will it be just the same old story for Blyth?

Under the spell of ‘Mr Newcastle

Part 6 Teesside airport: a crock of gold

Kind lives matter

Of high priests, utopias, gods of rock, and fish biting back (but they’re happy)

Daytime TV: a call from on high

Daytime TV: Dead comedians’ channel

Daytime TV: rubbish and repeats

The woman who haunts Sunderland Empire Theatre (ghost story part 1)

Covid, mass trauma and regional identity

Little sister

Barred from justice: vulnerable EU citizens were locked out of system says new report

Owen Paterson avoids suspension: a dark day for democracy

Tomorrow will be too late

Teaching during a pandemic: a view from a supply teacher

The Alnwick vampire (ghost story part 6)

The pickled parson of Sedgefield (ghost story part 4)

#No to Hassockfield

A morally corrupt government

Budget 2021

Do as I say not as I do: court’s latest ruling another nail in the Tory government’s coffin

My first jobs

My teenage years

National service. secret service


My first 10 years

Escaping the plague in the ‘otherworld’: a journey to Skype

Chance encounter

Coronavirus: the blame game?

Peace hanging by a thread?

Seven parliamentary principles and the deadly sins

Political lessons from the Bard

The South Sea bubble scandal: is it relevant in today’s politics?

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