Author: Alistair Cowan

The nanny in the corner Part 2

Alistair Cowan

An Appreciation of Children’s Television by Sir Hartley Hare Chapter 4 – Don’t leave me with that man. The 1970s dawned in the British Empire of Land with a new sense of optimism.  A young David Attenborough, high on his own supply, sensed the beginning of a new cult of environmentalism.  With that in mind […]

Poetry Corner

The ballad of father Boris

Alistair Cowan

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse
However, outside
That wasn’t the case
Father Boris was waiting
A mask on his face.

What say you, Home Secretary?

Alistair Cowan

Likewise my hilarious quip about starving the entire island of Ireland to death was widely misrepresented. I only intended to starve southern Ireland to death.

The secret diary of Dominic Cummings, aged 48 1/2

Alistair Cowan

Later on, me and Lee went and had a smoke in the No 10 bike shed and talked about what a sissy BJ is hanging around with soppy girls. Lee is great. He’s dead hard. He showed me the flick knife he smuggled from his school trip to Boulogne.