Author: Anne Greaves

After spending many years as a musician and instrumental teacher, I retrained for a career in languages, completing a degree in French in 2007 with 1st class honours and an MA in Translation in 2008. Since then I have worked on a freelance basis for direct clients and agencies in the UK, France and Belgium. My specialist fields include social psychology, contracts, culture and tourism.


A letter to the local Conservatives…

Anne Greaves

I received a questionnaire from my local Tory Party basically looking for ammunition against our Labour run council. So I sent them this letter… Dear Tories Personally I am more concerned about a Tory government that is debasing our democracy and stealing our rights so it can stay in power permanently. 1. Handing over millions […]

Dear Gareth

Anne Greaves

Dear Gareth, I’m not a fanatical football fan, I got into it fairly heavily during Euro 1996 and afterwards, then gradually lost interest again, partly because of all the money to be honest and then other things just took over. But every time a big competition comes round you find yourself getting interested again, and […]

Johnson, Patel and accountability: a personal account of bullying

Anne Greaves

I don’t know what marks someone out as a victim or what makes someone a bully, but bullying seems to be widespread. My older daughter Helen was bullied all through high school. She was just different, and that’s not allowed, apparently. She was difficult, wayward and demanding but she was also bright, funny, creative and loving. She was certainly not a girly girl, and that was a no-no back in the 90s when she was at school. I’m hoping things have improved since.