Author: Bill Corcoran

Bill has been advising clients for over 25 years in all aspects of financial affairs. He started working for leading insurance companies and has been a member of HRC Group since it’s inception. Although Bill is passionate about all types of clients receiving financial advice, he specialises in working with clients in their senior years offering advice including care home fees and inheritance tax. He volunteers at The Citizens Advice Bureau and advises clients on pension matters.


Newcastle United Fans Foodbank: Meaningful Dignity

Bill Corcoran

History is like the tide coming in; sometimes you see it, sometimes it floods you without warning. The 21st Century started like the tide you can see; a cleaning torrent of optimism that swept doubt aside, giving us what now seems like blissful prosperity, culture and awareness. We even had decent football with Sir Bobby […]


Colonialism: how to resist and change

Bill Corcoran

I shout at the radio when someone says “north of Hadrian’s Wall” meaning Scotland, without knowing it goes along Shields Road; and associate themselves with the “civilised” invader, not the resisting Briton. I grimace when people think that we are Vikings “because we are north”; think we need their elocutionary education when we had electric light, proper mass transport, posh shops and high wages first. I end up swearing under my breath….