Author: Caroline Hoile

By day, children’s author and composer. By night eclectic musician. The rest, lover of wildlife, nature and the sea. Adopted mother of the cat. Determined to shout out the truth…

COP26: Act Now!

Caroline Hoile
Act now cover image

We all remember songs from our childhood. Songs stick. Act Now has an important message and not one to forget.

Refugee week 2021: it could be you or me

Caroline Hoile

I shall never forget speaking to ‘E’ as I met him off a flimsy boat arriving into Chios, packed with desperate people. He smiled at me, gratefully accepting the food that I offered to him, which the charity I was volunteering with supplied for people arriving. “What will happen to me now?” he asked me nervously.

How to put on a family nativity show: tea towels to the ready!

Caroline Hoile

Sad though it is that children, teachers, parents, grandparents, family and friends may well miss out on the inimitable traditional nativity, celebrated in the school hall, local church or community centre, all is not lost! The household tea towel drawer can rise to the occasion, and allow all those family members, who’ve ever wanted to don the occupants of its drawer, to do so – with a home-grown family production of a traditional school musical!

Here comes the sun….

Caroline Hoile
Man enjoying the sun.

Sunshine and warm weather undoubtedly cheer the spirits and gladden the heart; that ‘it’s great to be alive’ feeling, making everything seem alright within the world.  Gladdening the heart is sorely needed in 2020 as, to date, we have watched with horror as the Covid-19 virus has spread rapidly and stealthily around the world, infecting all […]