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Vote conservative for a free and just society?

Dylan Neri

process of logical and rational analysis. As William F. Buckley, Jr. put it, “it is the chronic failure of liberalism that it obliges circumstance – because it has an inadequate discriminatory apparatus that might cause it to take any other course.” The problem with Conservatism then is our intransigency, our desire to fully appraise the situation before we act. But Conservatism must insist that while the will of man is limited in what it can do, it can do enough to make over the face of the world; and the question we must face is this: What shape should the world take given modern realties? Freedom, individuality, the sense of community, the sanctity of the family, the supremacy of the conscience, the spiritual view of life – can these verities be assimilated into a world of continual technological advancement? In a world of continuing atomisation of the individual and a steady regression into the vanity of the self? These have had a smashing social effect on us, to be sure; but because they were abandoned, not because of their insufficiency or proven inadaptability. These are values that if you ask any thinking person seriously interested in the pursuit of a better society should tell you they value so dearly, and miss even more. And these values and principles are intrinsic to the Conservative cause; it is to the achievement of these by which we disagree.

Around the world in 80 lines

Dylan Neri

The incredible solipsism of our species is undeniable. With the wonderful advancements of science and human understanding, this conceit has slowly been degraded to the point of embarrassment: no, the universe doesn’t revolve around the Earth; no, not the sun – no, not even the galaxy; “forget about your ‘dominion’ over all creatures”, said the […]

New new world

Dylan Neri

After its first venture into space, India plans to send another probe to Mars, with the intention to land; Japan has ambitious plans to send a lander to mars, and investigate the Martian moon Phobos; and Russia and Europe will unite to send the ExoMars Rosalind Franklin rover, after a two-year delay owing to the pandemic – any mission to Mars must coincide with the period in which the orbit of Mars brings it nearest the Earth, which is every twenty-six months.

A stronger constitution?

Dylan Neri

“The circumstances of the world are continually changing, and the opinions of men change also; and as government is for the living, and not for the dead, it is the living only that have any right in it. That which may be thought right and convenient in one age, may be thought wrong and found inconvenient in another. In such cases, who is to decide, the living, or the dead?”

The Queen’s consent

Dylan Neri

The urgent, orchestral tones of the television news channels demand our attention – the semi-Pavlovian conditioning means we regard the ‘news’ as part drama, part sensation and part entertainment (like the telescreen of Orwell’s dystopia; who are we hating today?) Our phones buzz, vibrate, flash as the notifications are beamed in from every news outlet […]