Author: Kirsty McTear

Kirsty McTear is a contract design engineer who has worked throughout the UK and also in mainland Europe. A self confessed Europhile she is a veteran of the Remain movement. Born in Cumberland and having lived in the north east for many years, she now resides in southern Scotland, where she is an ardent supporter of Independence.

Experts… Let’s phone a friend!

Kirsty McTear

A nation state and its international relations are in many ways as complicated as the workings of our modern mobile phone, perhaps even more so. The interactions of one policy may have far-reaching consequences for other branches of government not directly related to the original policy.

A mirror to ourselves

Kirsty McTear
An Ape

I don’t know about you, but I have never been too keen on monkeys and apes. I have of course watched them on wildlife documentaries and seen them in zoos, but they have never been my favourites. There is something about them which I find off-putting, quite simply put: they are just a bit too […]