Author: Lesley Anne

Lesley Anne has over 25 years’ experience working in the policy arena of violence against women and girls and is passionately committed to eradicating this blight on society. She worked for Newcastle City Council leading on the cities Violence against Women and Girls Programme this involved setting the strategic direction for the cities multi –agency partnership, informing policy and practice and service delivery. She then went on to lead a Community Safety Department, her portfolio included addressing high impact and advising on the commissioning of victim’s services. She is an experienced Domestic Homicide Chair and report writer and has significant expertise of working with bereaved families during reviews, ensuring their voices are heard.

Let them eat Christmas cake-Tory policy and child poverty

Lesley Anne

How have we come to this is the question I have asked most often in the last week, why is leadership on the most fundamental of issues coming from a young man of 22 with no political experience or ambitions other than to make sure children are fed. I think it’s clear Marcus Rashford’s own experience has given him a deep seated understanding and empathy; he knows what it’s like to be a child who is hungry and to feel the accompanying shame and stigma.

Exit from lockdown abuse

Lesley Anne

Lockdown exit must consider the lives lost through fatal domestic abuse Lockdown is a relatively new concept in modern pandemic management; it is largely untested, and its implications and unintended negative consequences unplanned for. As the government debated and delayed the inevitable, a significant proportion of the female population, one in four of us, living […]