Author: Penny Grennan

Penny Grennan is community activist, writer, musician and painter. She has lived in the North East for over 30 years and is a member of the Labour Party. She stood as a Labour Candidate in the 2019 General Election for Hexham Constituency. She works as a supply teacher and is a WASPI woman. She has worked in Community Development and Adult Education for most of her working life and believes that developing community resilience is the way for the North East to weather the next 5 years of Tory rule. She has a PhD in the value of souvenirs.

Transforming our communities: transforming what and why?

Penny Grennan

This is where our hope lies, in our communities. Seven months ago there were many examples of unity and action. A time when we clapped for carers, walked round our gardens to raise money, helped people who were shielding, organised, cooked, shopped, and supported our front-line workers. These many hundreds of examples of community action demonstrate that there is an alternative. What’s more, groups and individuals are still supporting each other and those in need.

Building back badly

Penny Grennan

Following the statement by Dominic Cummings in The Times on 30th June, that he would like to “take an axe”, to planning laws, Boris Johnson has now publicly stated that he wants to “tear down the system and start again”. Obviously, a reprise of Cumming’s intentions, the result is essentially the same. Either way, chopping […]

From garden bridge to Sandwell Bridge

Penny Grennan
Hoover Dam

Building on failure Boris Johnson has just revealed his equivalent to Franklin D Roosevelt’s New Deal, except that there is no ‘new’ money and, ‘What is the Deal’? Many have pointed out that renovating the Sandwell Bridge is not the same as building the Hoover Dam, see above! However, like the promise to build forty new hospitals, things are […]