Sean Danaher

Sean Danaher

Sean is Emeritus Professor at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle. His background is in Astrophysics and earned his PhD from University College Dublin in 1981 after completing his experimental work at the Harvard Smithsonian Observatory near Tucson Arizona. Sean had expected to return to the United States after his PhD was completed, but his position disappeared after the reordering of priorities under the Regan Administration. Instead he came to the UK in 1981 to take a post-doc position at the University of Sheffield and CERN, only expecting to stay a few years, but is still in the UK 37 years later. He has also worked in Leeds Polytechnic before moving to Newcastle. He was an active member of the Labour Party in the 1990’s but left after the Iraq war invasion. He rejoined the Labour party after Corbyn was elected but has lost faith in the party and has now joined the Green Party. Sean is a a firm believer in a broad tent progressive coalition and is deeply worried about the direction the UK has taken since the Brexit Referendum.


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