Back to school bungle beggars belief

Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary has mired schools in uncertainty yet again by another last minute decision on school return after the summer break.

The Department for Education (DfE) says that schools will be allowed to delay their start by a week to allow for on-site testing, It seems that this applies to secondary schools.

It’s not that anyone could have predicted the need for testing in the middle of a pandemic, is it?

Labour has described it as a “staggering disregard” for children and families just ten days before the start of term. Kate Green, the shadow Education Minister has written to Gavin Williamson asking him for an explanation of such a last minute decision.

In her letter she said:

““Once again, your delayed planning and chaotic decision-making risks creating havoc for families and will put additional pressure on school staff planning for the start of the new year.”

Just when you thought that the education bungles of last summer were over…

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