Blood cancer patient’s alarm at relaxation of rules

Nic tells me, in response to the Government’s relaxation of Covid -19 rules and so called ‘Freedom Day’: “It’s hard to realize that you’re thought so little of in your society. We are dispensable.”

Nic has blood cancer. She wrote to her MP:

“I am writing to express my extreme concern and dismay at the proposed relaxation of all Covid -19 restrictions on 19 July which ignores the risk posed to the 2.5 million people classed as extremely clinically vulnerable.

“As a blood cancer patient, I am in this group and I am alarmed at the possible disastrous consequences of this decision for me and other blood cancer patients this is not “freedom day” for us.”

For us Covid-19 remains a very real threat we cannot rely on vaccination alone..”

Report from the Lancet

Parry et al., reported in the Lancet “B cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) is associated with immune suppression and patients are at increased clinical risk following SARS-CoV-2 infection…

Antibody responses after both the first and second Covid-19 vaccine are lower in patients with CLL compared to age-matched donors.”  

It is irresponsible of the government to cancel preventative measures

Nic continues in her letter “With the infection rate rising rapidly we are more likely to come into contact with someone who is infected and we are therefore more likely to become exposed to the virus.  

“We know that public help health measures work and that simple things such as wearing masks particularly on public transport and in enclosed spaces, would continue to protect the most vulnerable. It is easy and the least disruptive of the measures.

“I regard it as irresponsible for the government to cancel or preventative measurements now and it places me and the millions of immune compromised people at severe risk yet again we feel abandoned and left unprotected.”

“I would ask you to urgently bring this to the attention of the Secretary of State for health and impress on him the need for these sensible public health measures to be kept in place until Covid-19 levels have drastically reduced.”

No warning about the effectiveness of the vaccine

Nic tells me “No blood cancer patients have been officially warned that the vaccine may not work for them either”.

Public Health England (PHE) say in a press statement, released on Friday, say that vaccines were “highly effective in clinical risk groups”.

Blood Cancer UK calls on chief medical officer to correct statement that double vaccination is ‘highly effective in clinical risk groups.” Blood cancer UK has accused “PHE of misleading cancer patients on Covid jab”.

Protecting vulnerable people

Nic tweets:

“I’m part of a global #bloodcancer group. I’ve never seen the UK members so low. Many feel a growing mood in the workplace of ‘enough is enough’ with diminishing patience & appetite to protect vulnerable people. The government is feeding that & left us on our own.”

Employers do what the government says.

Nic says “People will die”.

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