Boris Johnson avoids difficult debate by visiting Hexham hospital

Protestor outside Hexham General Hospital to greet Boris Johnson

Protestors from North East for Europe waited at Hexham General Hospital to greet Boris Johnson today.

Kim Sanderson, spokesperson for North East for Europe said:

“We are here to meet the Prime Minister to voice our concerns over corruption in the Conservative party at national and County Council levels.”

“We also want to show our support for the local and national NHS staff who have had such a hard time since the start of the pandemic.”

Unfortunately the group did not get to meet the Prime Minister as his cavalcade was spotted leaving just after 1pm.

Security disguised as workmen on the roof of Hexham General Hospital

It is interesting that the Prime Minister chose today to visit a hospital in Northumberland. It’s a long way from the houses of parliament.

Embed from Getty Images

As Kim commented:

“It seems a strange time to visit Hexham when a debate is going to be held into parliamentary standards…”

And from Newcastle Central MP, Chi Onwurah:

Could he have been avoiding the standards and environmental debates at Westminster?

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