Poetry Corner

Boris just lies

Photo by Led by Donkeys

Dawn Butler, MP was removed from the chamber last week for saying that the Prime Minister: “lied to the House and the country over and over again”. It seems that you can be called out for exposing lies but not for telling them in the first place.

Pigs live in sties,
Yorkshire puds rise,
wet paint dries,
James Bond spies,
Boris just lies.

Coconuts sit on shies,
rain falls from the skies,
a jobseeker applies,
advisers advise,
Boris just lies.

A town crier cries,
a happy shopper buys,
a beach bum fries,
leaky ships capsize,
Boris just lies.

Fat lads love pies,
an aeroplane flies,
wasps terrorise,
rugby players score tries,
Boris just lies.

I only believe
what I see with my eyes.
His lips are moving?
No surprise –
Because Boris 

Harry Gallagher