Broken Youth: debut single from young Newton Aycliffe singer-songwriter

Jack Ramussen, North East singer-songwriter Photo by Ricky Atterby

Mellow tones, soft rasped vocals and sweet melodies – Indie Buddie

Vintage, desirable sound with delicate vocals” – Chipsy Music

Jack Rasmussen is the exciting new North East singer-songwriter fighting to have his unique and soulful voice heard by the masses. The ex-member of North East outfit VELVET, who had successes supporting the likes of Shaun Ryder and The Bluetones, is kick starting his solo career with debut single Broken Youth set for release on Friday 19th February 2021.

Having a unique journey in music, Jack describes turning a passion into a genuine reality back in 2017, all influenced by his travels:

 “I was always a music fan but travelling was the catalyst that brought my music ambition to the forefront.”

Exploring the detrimental effects of social media on the modern world, Broken Youth delves into the minefield that is the online sphere we live in, particularly focussing on the impact of social platforms on childhood and growing up. Jack explains: “Childhood is no longer a walk in the park, literally. The youth of today are growing up indoors, hiding behind false screens rather than outdoors having fun.” Further influenced by Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, Jack goes on to discuss how he delivered on his ambition of creating a representative and relatable track that listeners could easily connect with.

I found Broken Youth to be a truly thoughtful piece with well-crafted lyrics. Jack’s voice is gentle, soulful and honest and the guitar accompaniment has both freshness and vitality. Well worth a listen!

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