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There but for the grace of God go I

Nicola Tipton

Advent is on my mind. The period of time where Christians prayerfully await and anticipate the celebration of the birth of Christ.  A time when they reflect upon the prophecies of his birth in Isaiah and the gospel accounts of his birth in Matthew and Luke. Many of the ‘people’ in these islands still identify […]

Poetry Corner

The glory

Norah Hanson

The skies have been steely silver shifting clouds of menace in the dark days before Christmas and I have been dread filled for wretched wanderers, collateral damage of benefit cut backs, war and pestilence Before the dawn broke today, I saw at The rim of the world a promise of light It became brighter. More […]

Newcastle City Council: doing its bit to tackle climate change

Stephen Lambert

Climate change is the largest crisis facing the planet. What the global north and much of the south do in the next decade to limit emissions will be critical to the world’s future. Newcastle City Council is doing its bit to tackle climate change. As lead experts tells us – we need to act now. […]


Interview with Jacky Collins aka Dr Noir

Abbie Rutherford

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19, literary festival Newcastle Noir is bringing crime back to Newcastle’s City Library on 5 December 2021. I caught up with festival organiser Jacky Collins aka Dr Noir to talk about the festival and our love affair with crime fiction. Newcastle Noir originally started as a one-day event How […]


Solidarity on trial: a judicial monstrosity

Giovanna Procacci

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 The closing instalment of this citizen investigation sums up an unfinished story, as Italy and the accused wait to hear the judicial explanation of a jaw-droppingly ferocious set of criminal sentences passed on eighteen asylum welcome workers by a court in Calabria. Giovanna Procacci explains why this case raises […]

Fear and desperation: we all need a way to help

James Sheerin

I was surprised to find a teenage African young man crouched in the storage space under the bed in our motorhome on Friday evening. I was probably more surprised by the effect the encounter has had on my wife Janet and myself, and by the emotions we felt, brought on by our feeling of hopelessness […]

We all have a role in fighting climate change

Giuseppe Bignardi

Can a former climate change sceptic lead the UK towards zero emissions? I am referring to our Prime Minister who, even in 2015, was writing articles denying climate change. This was the time when more serious politicians gathered in Paris to reach what became known as the Paris Climate Agreement. Progress, after the Paris Agreement, […]

Fast fashion: do you know what you’re wearing?

Robina Jacobson

Neil Taylor’ s excellent article ‘Climate change: let’s get practical’ (NE Bylines 6 November 2021) offers helpful advice on making decisions about lowering our carbon footprints on this planet, our only home. Among other things he suggests we ask ourselves: “Am I thinking laterally about how I can reduce my … consumption?” The carbon cost […]


“No-one is safe until everyone is safe”: global vaccine rollout and equality

Carol Westall

In Tuesday’s All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Coronavirus the evidence session talked to experts about access to coronavirus vaccines across the globe. Where are we in terms of the pandemic and equitable vaccine access? Dr David Nabarro, Special Envoy of WHO Director-General on Covid-19 said: “We are still deep in the pandemic. We are not […]


Solidarity on trial: is integration a crime?

Giovanna Procacci

On September 30th, Italian public opinion was stunned when a criminal court in Calabria imposed a set of ferocious prison sentences and fines on eighteen people involved in a world-famous experiment in migrant and refugee welcome, led by Domenico (“Mimmo”) Lucano over the past 20  years in the small coastal town of Riace. We are […]

The failure of COP26 to protect the world from disastrous over-heating

North East Bylines

Following the publication of COP26’s final agreement, Molly Scott Cato, former Green MEP and now Professor of Economics at the University of Roehampton, says the event has failed in what history will see as our last chance to protect the world from disastrous over-heating. Molly said: “The fundamental purpose of COP26 was to ensure that our climate does not […]

Poetry Corner

Fear – Present Future

Bridget Enever

Fear for the power of anger for the power of bombs for the powerless children for the power of Powers Pain for the threat of oblivion for the threat to my health for the threat to my planet for the threat to my history Anger for the loss of autonomy for the loss of simplicity […]

Stereotyping immigrants in 2021

Debbie Williams
Immigration-related terms

By now, we should all be aware of how jingoism and stereotyping – especially towards immigrants – brought about the vote to leave the European Union. Who can forget the misleading, and deliberately provocative, anti-migrant ‘Breaking Point’ poster? Or Theresa May, when Home Secretary, with the ‘Go Home’ vans? These two examples (amongst many more) […]

Poetry Corner

Song of the six million

Harry Gallagher

It didn’t begin with uniform wearers,
armband bearers; that’s just where it ended,
with proud keyholders
to blandly wicked gas chambers.


Solidarity on trial: the anatomy of a political trial

Giovanna Procacci

A spreading wave of international outrage has been generated by the stunningly severe sentences meted out on 30 September by a court in Southern Italy to Domenico Lucano, the internationally celebrated creator of a novel model of migrant and asylum welcome in his native town, Riace, and to seventeen of his co-workers. Giovanna Procacci, a […]

COP26: What is the climate conference and why is it important?

Chloe Davies

COP stands for Conference of the Parties, and it is attended by countries who have signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – a treaty that was agreed in 1994. This is the 26th meeting and it is taking place now in Glasgow, Scotland. The main goal of COP26 is to lock […]

Starving to free Nazanin

Peter Benson

I stumbled upon it on my way home. A night time vigil for Nazanin Ratcliffe. It was to highlight the ongoing hunger strike by Richard Ratcliffe outside the Foreign and Commonwealth office in Whitehall Central London. It was his thirteenth day and night there and it was a cold night.  It was humbling to be […]

Climate change: let’s get practical

Neil Taylor

We know the environment and climate are in trouble. This is from the perspective of humans and other species.. What can we do about it? First-off…please don’t leave it to politicians and business leaders! Many want short term results and profit at almost any price. And many will not deliver what we need. Also don’t […]

Young campaigners take a stand, Boris Johnson takes a snooze

Julie Ward

The image of Boris Johnson maskless and dozing during the opening speeches at COP26 in Glasgow is one of the most damning indictments of our incompetent leader to emerge and is now circulating around the world much to the amusement of international commentators. Downing Street officials insist the PM was following the rules, only removing […]

Instructions on how to become a fascist

Giuseppe Bignardi

A book by Michela Murgia In this book Michela Murgia pretends to be an apologist of fascism and tells us what fascism is about. Fascism may not represent with the same name, which is somewhat discredited. Thus, you identify fascists on the basis of what they do, not what they call themselves. The picture on […]


Solidarity on trial: Mimmo Lucano and the Riace experiment

Giovanna Procacci

A spreading wave of international outrage has been generated by the stunningly severe sentences meted out on 30 September by a court in Southern Italy to Domenico Lucano, the internationally celebrated creator of a novel model of migrant and asylum welcome in his native town, Riace, and to seventeen of his co-workers. Giovanna Procacci, a […]

Poetry Corner

Tomorrow will be too late

Nicola Tipton

I rage through my weeping Forget niceties for the sake of politeness Now is the time to break the rules Tomorrow will be too late Now is the time for noise to join the din of those screaming for justice Now is the time to be nuisance makers Now is the time to make our […]

NUFC takeover: a statement from Newcastle Amnesty Local Group

North East Bylines

As part of the major organisation campaigning on human rights worldwide, Newcastle Amnesty Local Group are of course concerned about the serious human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia in the wake of the NUFC takeover by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund. At the same time we understand and share Newcastle fans’ excitement at the […]


Squid Game

Katie Maughan
a photo fro the show Squid game

Squid Game focuses on highlighting the wealth gap in South Korea, with money meaning nothing to the richest whilst the poor fight to survive.

COP26: Act Now!

Caroline Hoile
Act now cover image

We all remember songs from our childhood. Songs stick. Act Now has an important message and not one to forget.