Section: UK

Dear London

Peter Lathan
A photo of the city of london building

Yes. OK. Right. We get it. You’re the capital city. You’re important. You’ve got the Houses of Parliament, Whitehall and Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and all the rest. Of course you have. And you’ve got the Royal Albert Hall and the Wigmore Hall and the Royal Festival Hall and the Queen Elizabeth Hall […]

COP26: Act Now!

Caroline Hoile
Act now cover image

We all remember songs from our childhood. Songs stick. Act Now has an important message and not one to forget.

Supporting refugees in the North East: launch of ANEW

North East Bylines
a photo of a sign saying refugees welcome

A group of volunteers in the North East are working to support and resettle refugee families who find a home in our region. The ANEW team (that’s Amnesty North East Welcomes) must raise funds, find suitable accommodation and work for at least one year – if not two – on integrating the new arrivals into life here in the […]

Poetry Corner

The Cameron Manual On The Gaining Of Power

Harry Gallagher

Slick your hair back smooth, hold your arms wide open. Tell your fellow countrymen their beloved land is broken. Play on their grossest fears and promise wage increases, then take your shiny hammer and smash their land to pieces. When the fabric is dismantled from ceiling down to stanchion, wave a cheery farewell and retire […]


The First Day of Spring by Nancy Tucker

Abbie Rutherford

The First Day of Spring by Nancy Tucker is a brutal yet strangely beautiful and visceral examination of child-on-child murder that simultaneously evokes repulsion and sympathy. It follows Chrissie, an eight-year-old child growing up in a poverty-stricken area with a mother who neglects her, and Julie, a young woman trying to bring up her daughter, […]

Poetry Corner

Corona Moon

Suzanne Fairless-Aitken

The corona moon opens a watchful eye over the flock, huddled in familial groups, dotted across meadows. Blossom snows down from ice-cream cones. Snow-covered flesh snuggles into snow-covered flesh. Lanolin comforted lambs feed from tupped ewes, drained at the close of day – all marked with loyal blue. The straw -haired farmer shepherds them into […]


Wetherspoons’ boss loses out because of Brexit

Peter Benson

I fear I could be suffering from Schadenfreude, as I find myself somewhat unable to show empathy for the boss and biggest shareholder of Wetherspoons pub chain, Tim Martin. Brexit promoting Tim Martin must take some of the blame for the current crises in food, energy, labour and logistics, that the country is still reeling from. He […]