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New Hebburn Tri Station: have your say

North East Bylines
Hebburn Tri-Station Photo by TWFRS

A state-of-the-art blue light Tri-Station in Hebburn will be the first of its kind to be completely carbon neutral. The project is now one step closer to completion and residents are being asked for their views.


Hair today…

Peter Lathan
Peter Lathan with long hair in Close the Coalhouse Door

I know that actually losing your hair as you get older is a common thing for men, but to keep the hair and lose the curl…


Human Nurture at Live Theatre

Carol Westall
Human Nurture

Exploring race, privilege, allyship and masculinity, Human Nurture tells the story of two ‘could-be’ brothers whose lives are cleaved when one is rehomed, and the other is left behind in the care system.

To heat or eat in 2022?

Peter Benson
Ready meal

Many people, including right across the North East will have to make the hard choice of whether to eat or heat in 2022. We need to hold the government to account.

Poetry Corner

The Unhappy Winners

Harry Gallagher
UKIP - unhappy winners

Last night, I was unfortunate enough to overhear a meeting of the local UKIP party. I’ve never heard such an unhappy bunch of winners, their whole meeting seemed to be about settling scores with unbelievers!

North East History

From the Bauhaus to the ‘Bottom House’ at Boosbeck

David Walsh

It was a fascinating cultural mix involved with the work camps: well-meaning aristocrats, trade unions, desperate unemployed miners, European students and now a group of upper-middle-class, left-wing, London musicians thrown into the cultural melting pot.

North East Ghost Stories Part 8

The ghosts of Chillingham Castle

Peter Lathan

Chillingham Castle, near Wooler on the English side of the Scottish Border, can lay claim to being not just one of most haunted stately home in the country but possibly the most haunted.