Chi congratulates A-Level students in Newcastle after a difficult year

Chi congratulates A-Level students in Newcastle after a difficult year

Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Central, gave her congratulations to A-level students who are receiving their results today. This comes after 18 months of disrupted learning and revised assessments.

Record acceptance onto university courses

A record number of students have been accepted on university courses this year, with most getting their first choice. Most universities are operating a clearing process for those who get different grades to what they expected.

Universities are being more flexible

Chi has been told that universities are being more flexible this year, taking personal circumstances into consideration. Students can appeal via their schools and then to their exam boards, and can even sit exams in the autumn if they are unhappy.


Chi said:I want to congratulate every student receiving their results today. You have faced challenges never before experienced, you have had to deal with conditions of study far from ideal and confusion and mixed messages from those in Government. Each and everyone of you , ought to be immensely proud of yourself.

“I hope you are able to realise your ambitions for the next step in your lives whether that relates to a place in higher education, work or further training. And remember, if you are disappointed today you  can still go on to thrive.

“I also want to extend my thanks to all of the teachers and school staff, who have manged to continue providing an education to students despite all the barriers put in their way.”

North East Bylines would also like to add our congratulations to our North East A level students today.

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