Come on England!

 What I want to come home
 is social justice,
 honest leaders
 who can point the way away
 from intolerance and blame.
 What I want to come home
 is a sense of shame
 at homelessness,
 and people who cannot even 
 afford to eat.
 What I want to lose
 is an uncaring elite
 who can bathe in banknotes
 and lie without blinking.
 I want my country back
 and not just for ninety minutes,
 I want the unpicked to be chosen
 and find that the limits
 imposed by their births
 have rusted and broken.
 I want my people awoken
 for more than just
 a dribble of time
 in between the bylines.
 England still can be
 what it always should
 when every player awakes
 and plays for each other. 

Harry Gallagher

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