Poetry Corner

Could happen to anyone

I wasn't drinking that bottle of wine,
it innocently slipped and to avoid calamity
I opened my mouth. When I turned around
the garden was full of my friends.
Could happen to anyone.

We weren't singing rugger songs,
we were clearing our throats in fear 
that we may have been already infected.
We just all coughed at the same time.
Could happen to anyone.

We weren't laughing at you
or the hundred thousand dead,
we just all thought of a joke
at the very same time and nigh-on
spontaneously combusted.
Bloody funny, actually.
Could happen to anyone.

The Prime Minister didn't really say 
"F*** them, let it rip right through 
them till they're piled in the streets."
He was thinking of someone else
who looked a bit like you.
Could happen to anyone.

Harry Gallagher

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