Poetry Corner


Illustration by Tom Owen
The Earth it caught a fever,
The Earth it caught a cold,
It simply boiled-up to virus-point
over animals killed and sold.
We took away the forests.
We deleted habitats,
Pouring blame on everyone else,
Even pangolins and bats.
Our filthy cruise-ships anchored
in seven seas of fetid stench,
floating in their own pollution,
over plastic in the Pacific trench.
The Earth it breathed in deeply,
Through atmosphere-filtered mask
and the oxygen levels begin to rise,
Does it have to be this way? it asked.
A lethal cocktail of our mistakes
were jet-propelled through the air,
but as the tourists were sent back home,
Dolphins visit St Mark's Square.
Goats browse in the high street,
Coyotes prowl round Golden Gate,
Kangaroos bounce into cities,
Lions golf in the African states.
Shy vegan-bears, without spectators,
See fit to date again,
And start getting jiggy with it,
over bamboo banquets in their pens.
After centuries of conflict
weapons are finally downed.
The cruellest disease has silenced guns,
until a vaccine can be found.
Together in contactless society,
Humanity learns to cope,
Touching only those you'd give your life,
For last to die is always hope.
Ctl-alt-del has been pressed,
Blank-screen, blue-skies the code,
And the Earth reboots rapidly,
All systems start in safe mode.

Suzanne Fairless-Aitken