Poetry Corner


Illustration by Katy Read

Daydream is the concluding poem in a series of four poems written by international students at INTO Newcastle University

 Sailing through the endless sky,
 I saw stars twinkle in daylight.
 Or did the sun drop its chandelier?
 Diamonds, were scattered everywhere.
 I woke up before dawn,
 bathing in honey sunshine.
 I ate ocean breeze
 and drank moonlight.
 In my sleep
 waves sang my lullaby
 I became a jellyfish.
 Wielding my staff,
 I kidnapped the mermaid’s confidants.
 This proclaimed villain
 only wanted to earn a living.
 But the God of the sea didn’t like my job
 He made me his enemy.
 The raging storm painted darkness
 Thunder clapped in the background
 Trident drew some blazing strokes
 And swallowed my little house. 

Kim My Linh Vu

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