Further Covid restrictions in the North East

You will only be allowed to mix socially with members of your own household.
Photo by Richard Abbott-Brailey

New restrictions will come into place in parts of the North East from midnight on Thursday 17th September. This comes as confirmed cases have been rising. The aim is to act quickly to try and avoid a full lockdown. Around two million people will be affected by these measures.

Members of a household will not be allowed to mix with another household either indoors or outdoors. Shops, restaurants and pubs will remain open but will be subject to a 10pm curfew and have table service only.

The areas include Newcastle, Gateshead, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Sunderland, Northumberland and County Durham. The restrictions come about in part due to mounting pressure from all seven local authorities.

MPs from the North East met with Health Secretary, Nadine Dorries on Wednesday.

The leader of Newcastle City Council, Nick Forbes said: “The evidence we’ve found from local testing is that it’s spreading in three main areas: in pubs, in people’s homes and in grassroots sports…[council leaders] have put together a series of requests to government for additional restrictions around these areas for a fixed period of time to try to prevent a damaging full lockdown.”

Council leaders have also requested extra government funding for more testing capacity and extra policing.

What do the numbers say?

The list below shows us the number of confirmed cases per 100,000 people in North East areas

Sunderland           82.1

South Tyneside    93.4

Gateshead            81.7

Newcastle             64.1

North Tyneside    46.7

County Durham   37.4

Northumberland 25.7

The highest rate in the country at present is Bolton which has 204.1 per 100,000 people.

It is worth remembering that the numbers only tell us about confirmed cases and of course relate to the amount of testing being done. This can make it difficult to compare accurately with previous rates in the same areas.

In total there were 1,106 new cases in a seven-day period in these North East areas.

You can read further analysis here.

This is a breaking news story and we expect to update as more information becomes available.

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