Poetry Corner


Photo by Nicola Tiptom
My heart cries in the wind,
“Answer me. Answer me.”
Trees whisper back,
“We are here. We are here.”
Body aches for caress,
“Touch me. Touch me.”
Wild flowers, rushes sing,
“Lie with us. Lie with us.”
My mind pleads,
“Heal me. Heal me.”
Bees fumble the flowers
and, butterflies dance.
“Watch us. Watch us.”
My soul longs to be freed,
“Fill me. Fill me.”
All of Nature resounds,
Under sun, under moon,
Beneath stars, beneath seas,
From meadow and mountain,
From river and shore,
“Rest with me. Listen!
Become whole. Become one.”
Cleansed by deep waters,
I dry in the sun,
And lie down to dream 
in the whorl of Her thumb.

Nicola Tipton

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