“Getting the little things right” with Kenton councillors

Newcastle Council and the social housing provider YHN have joined forces to unveil winter Estate Blitz/clean ups in the city neighbourhoods. The first will take place on Kenton Bar in November, which has been hit hard with fly-tipping and littering, followed by North Kenton in December and Montagu in January 2022. There is to be more enforcement action by the Council’s Public Health section to take on fly-tippers and litter bugs.

The initiative follows a number of summer and autumn community litter picks on North Kenton Park, North Kenton estate and Kenton Dene involving local residents, the Council, Urban Green and the campaign group Newcastle Climate Change. The latter helped to clean out part of ‘Devils Burn’, the steam lying next to Nuns Moor North.

Meanwhile Kenton councillors have restored winter flower planters and tubs at Kenton Retail, Arlington Ave, Montagu, Kenton Lane/Drayton Rd and Kenton Rd.

Councillor Stephen Lambert, Chair of the Kenton Committee, said:

”Flower planters and tubs are popular with residents and add a bit of colour to neighbourhood and are good for the environment.”

Coun Ged Bell, Vice -chair of the committee added:

”Getting the little things right across Kenton is our priority. If there’s a litter/fly-tip hot spot do let us know so we can take action. The recent ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign gave us the chance to celebrate the good work that goes on in local communities to keep the ward clean and tidy for all residents to enjoy.”

According to the Kenton Councillors the local authority and YHN spend a huge amount of effort and money on keeping Kenton clean and green. 

Coun Anya Durrant added: ‘

‘It’s an ongoing issue. Council workers can’t be everywhere at once. We need the help of more residents to tackle the scourge of litter.”

There’s been a big increase in the number of people who have started litter -picking throughout the pandemic. The Council can provider hi-viz vests, litter hoops, gloves and black plastic bags for interested groups or residents can borrow some of these items from St Andrews church on Montagu.

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