Poetry Corner


Image by Claudiz Soraya from unsplash

 Aching, longing, yearning
 for a brush past, a touch
 of surfaces - much more 
 than a waterproof
 or soft container.
 This large organ craves attention.
 Is that enough of a smutty Valentine?
 Fearful desire and
 cruel chastity 
 push us apart -
 although I reversed my polarity.
 I don't have scissorhands,
 and my germs are yours
 should you want them?
 But we cannot yield,
 so I rail against
 the cold prison of 
 contactless contact,
 armouring my endoskeleton,
 retreating back into this supple shell
 to await the point of spring. 

Suzanne Fairless-Aitken

Haphephobia: An extreme fear or dislike of touching or being touched 

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