Happy Friday

Photo by Aaron Burden

“Christmas cancelled for millions” screamed the headlines last Saturday. This was, of course, referring to the Westminster government’s announcements about the new tier 4 in London and the South East and the tightening of Christmas regulations throughout the country. I do not intend to comment on the rights and wrongs of the decisions, but more to think about the ‘how’.

It was, to my mind, both inept and cruel to make such an announcement with only six days to go until Christmas Day. People had made plans: travel plans, social plans, plans with friends, plans with family. People had already spent a significant amount of money on these plans. And more importantly, people had invested time, energy, hope and love into those plans, only to have them dashed by the current Prime Minister, attempting to lead an incompetent and seemingly uncaring government, who knew the current situation much better than we mere mortals could possibly do. And they knew days and possibly weeks ago. I will just leave this here.

So many of us have been deeply disappointed and saddened by these announcements. Suffice to say that it has affected a great many (maybe all) of the population, who now have to try to deal with the fallout. What can we do?

The other day I came across an interesting response, from someone who runs a small business in south London. He thinks as soon as some sort of herd immunity to Covid-19 is reached that there will be a nationwide uprising against the Westminster government and their restrictive curbs on civil rights via ’emergency regulations’. 

In the meantime, though, please try to have as good a Friday as you possibly can. Be kind; make something nice to eat (and it doesn’t have to be the usual Christmas fayre), read a good book, watch something lovely on TV and above all, try not to be too hard on yourself. Make connections if you can; maybe make a phone call or join a zoom chat and make some quality time for yourself.

No Prime Minister can cancel Christmas: any more than they can damage our resolve and our spirits. They cannot take away what we value most, family, friends, hope, determination, love, peace and justice. Solidarity friends.

And Happy Christmas.

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