“Hostile environment brought to our doorsteps”: no to Hassockfield event today

Protestors sing ‘You are not alone’ at the demonstration in Consett today
Photo by Sylvia Zamperini

Vulnerable women who are seeking sanctuary should be helped and supported, not locked up. In Consett today there is a demonstration against the opening of Derwentside (Hassockfield) Immigration Removal Centre (IRC).

This demonstration is being organised by Durham People’s Assembly, No to Hassockfield and Abolish Detention. They also have support from many individuals and organisations across the country.

You are not alone

The event at Middle Street, Consett included rousing and passionate speeches as well as music and theatre.

Julie Ward speaking in Consett
You can watch her speech here
Photos by Sylvia Zamperini

Mary Kelly Foy, MP for City of Durham has been asking questions of Priti Patel and also working cross-party to oppose the opening of this IRC.

Mary said:

“We know that immigration detention dehumanises and re-traumatises vulnerable people, people who desperately need our help.

“The policies of this government are criminalising those fearing war and persecution, stopping them seeking sanctuary in our nation and attempting to return them to the very danger they’ve fought so hard to escape from.

“Only last week we witnessed Conservative MPs cheering along the Home Secretary during an urgent question about the number of migrants crossing the channel, and the questions we heard were designed to whip up hatred and racism towards many people who are simply trying to escape desperate situations … our duty should be to care for these people, not imprison them.”

The No to Hassockfield campaigners say:

“Together we won’t let the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and MP Richard Holden lock-up migrant women indefinitely in the old Hassockfield/ Medomsley site, not now, not here, not never, not nowhere!!!”

Mary Kelly Foy urges us to make no mistake. This is the “hostile environment being brought to our doorsteps.”

Today’s London event

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