Jessie plans ‘a local Amazon’ to drive a ‘buy local’ Tees business boom

Jessie Joe-Jacobs plans a ‘buy local’ revolution

Jessie Joe Jacobs plans  ‘a local Amazon’ to spear-head a ‘buy local’ revolution. The Labour candidate for Tees Valley mayor aims to put a virtual market-place that connects producers and consumers at the heart of a new local economy.

“We will create our own local Amazon and will have a ‘buy local’ revolution,” she said as she unveiled a new framework to boost Tees Valley business and ensure more of the money spent here, stays here.

She aims to create a ‘Buy Local, Buy Social’ ethos geared to boosting business by giving a helping hand to local firms.

Jessie’s vision is of a ‘Made In Tees Valley’ stamp that is the proud hallmark that underpins a local business boom and promotes local produce on the national stage.

And she wants local authorities, hospitals and schools as well as businesses to back the framework and buy local whenever they can to boost Tees firms. She said: 

“We must ensure that more of the money created here, stays here. We will create a digital hub, a local Amazon, to connect our producers and consumers easily on-line and boost trade within the Tees.   

“As Mayor I’ll encourage local public services such as councils, hospitals and universities to join this framework, and encourage large private sector firms to join a ‘Keep it local’ campaign.  

“By making a small change in people’s shopping habits we would see a significant higher social return on all our investments and would be a genuine boost to the local economy.” 

Jessie’s manifesto pledges to help local businesses include: 

An Entrepreneurs Fund 

“I will join Labour’s national call to create a £1billion Investment fund to support new business start ups. Entrepreneurs are our risk takers and innovators. Some have lost everything through the Covid-19 crisis. We must give them and new entrepreneurs the backing via a flexible business fund to be spent on starting new businesses.” 

A Good Business Hub 

“We will grow our social and community economy, empowering businesses, individuals and communities to turn their entrepreneurial ideas into sustainable business plans for social and economic benefit.  Backed up with £3m in grants and finance, the Hub will provide financial support and match funding for training, expert advice.” 

Made in Tees Valley 

“We have thousands of local producers right here in the Tees Valley, making and designing everything from fashion wear to chocolate, gin to bath bombs. The Made in Tees Valley scheme supports these local producers, farmers and small traders, whether new or existing. 

Buy Local, Buy Social’  

“A co-ordinated approach to boost local business and help them grow both here and in the national and international marketplace. ”  

The campaign includes:

  • Made in Tees Valley brand marketing campaign to put our producers on the national map. 
  • Made in Tees Valley Food and Producers Festival. 
  • A £1m grant fund and access to support and loan finance for start up and scale up of these businesses. 
  • Develop an Amazon style online market place to match producers with consumers. 

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