Kenton residents asked about traffic views

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Newcastle Council is developing plans to improve neighbourhoods across the city, aimed at reducing traffic on local streets. With fewer vehicles cutting or speeding through streets neighbourhoods will be more attractive and safer for residents who live there and for youngsters to play. Kenton residents are being asked for their views.

The council has set out proposals for some parts of the city including Kenton. There is currently a consultation process and the council would like Kenton residents to tell us about their issues and concerns. So far the following problems have been highlighted:

  • Traffic volumes on Millfield, Creighton Ave and The Crossway;
  • Traffic speeds on Halewood, Hazeldene and Hillsview Avenues;
  • Traffic volumes on South wood and Shrigley Gardens and
  • Drop off and pick up times around St Cuthberts Primary School.

Once collated, this information will be used to develop plans to lower traffic levels and make roads safer. This could include bringing in new crossings, tightening junctions to reduce traffic speeds and introducing School Streets that mean people can’t park outside schools at pick up or drop off times.

Evidence suggests that these kinds of changes also encourage more people to walk and cycle and short journeys, which is good for everyone.

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The local councillors for the area believe that making these changes will help to create safer, cleaner and greener neighbourhoods. This can have a big impact on tackling air pollution, reducing congestion, boosting residents’ health and wellbeing, and increasing safety on residential streets.

Kenton residents can go to for more info.

Please email or ring 2782767 by Jan 31 2022 to raise issues.

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