Poetry Corner

Kind lives matter

Photo by Jackie Hope, courtesy of unsplash

*dedicated to Patrick Hutchinson

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From kindergarten
 to the final stair,
 Kindness matters.

 From the Roman Empire
 to slave-trade corsair,
 Teach kindness.

 From the humble knee
 to raised fists in the air,
 Kindness matters.

 Compassion is not polarised
 by colour, skin and hair;
 Treat like kin.

 It's not a state of mind,
 But  a choice to care.
 Kindness matters.

 So be like Patrick;
 shoulder with grace
 the burden to bear,
 and carry kindness with you

Suzanne Fairless-Aitken

*Patrick Hutchinson carried a white EDL protester who was injured through the opposing crowd to safety in the recent BLM protests in London, May 2020. Patrick Hutchinson is Black and British.