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Photo by Katy Read
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 From the side hatch,
 across the river,
 I saw four walkers
 on the tow path opposite –
 Two couples and a dog-
 Standing still in distanced line
 their backs toward me,
 heads upturned...
 I could not see what
 they were looking at.
 Curious, I stepped outside
 onto the front deck
 of my narrow boat.
 Gazing skyward,
 instantly fixated,
 conjoined with them
 in silent awe.
 A kite,
 forked tail,
 red-brown 'gainst
 winter sky and sun.
 Scavenger of the air,
 soaring, spiralling,
 riding thermals
 wings outstretched.
 For a moment,
 my heart stopped,
 caught in breathless wonder.
 My spirits rose
 on borrowed wings...
 Flew free 
 in cloudless skies. 

Nicola Tipton

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