Ladyboys of Bangkok at Middlesbrough Theatre

The Ladyboys of Bangkok
The Ladyboys of Bangkok

The Ladyboys of Bangkok graced Middlesbrough Theatre on 12 July for an exciting night of music and glamour during their Flight of Fantasy 2021 tour. Due to social distancing, the show was split into multiple performances over a few nights. Audiences remained socially distanced and were required to wear masks. It was a different experience to their 2018 tour, which featured packed crowds and dancing, but still a fun reminder of what’s to come post Covid-19.

Saturday night classics

The show features a range of comedic and jaw-dropping burlesque performances from Thai drag performers in stunningly detailed costumes. Classic Saturday night hits including ABBA and Shania Twain make an appearance as well as modern pop music like Little Mix to create fun performances that get the whole audience up on their feet.

Usually the show features audience participation, but due to Covid-19 rules, a member of staff was designated to take on the participation roles. There were also fewer opportunities to greet the cast members for photographs for their own safety. Hopefully sometime in the future, we will be able to greet cast members from our favourite shows again.

Raunchy costumes and routines

The comedy in the show is definitely not PG, but is great fun for a night out with the girls. You’ll be surprised every time you see the show, with new risqué skits and dance routines every year. It’s definitely worth seeing the show more than once! As previously mentioned, nobody on the front rows is safe!

Covid-19 restrictions aside, audience participation is usually a staple of the show, with audience members being brought onstage for interesting and surprising interactions with the cast. As for the more ‘adult’ humour, you can definitely expect to see a LOT of the performers throughout the night. Act 2 of the show makes way for more raunchy costumes and routines that you don’t see anywhere else.

Moulin Rouge meets Eurovision

As the title suggests, the performers are all biologically male. They are also stunning showgirls. With charismatic performers and beautiful glittering costumes, it’s impossible to take your eyes off the stage!

It feels like watching Moulin Rouge meets Eurovision!

The Ladyboys of Bangkok 2

The costumes feature stunning glittering headdresses and feather detailing that brings the feeling of an exotic burlesque show to your local area. The performers are all extremely friendly and have an incredible stage presence that makes the audience feel welcome and brings everyone together.

You can expect to be dancing with the people around you before the second act!

The Ladyboys of Bangkok tour the UK almost every year and can be seen at almost any city, including Middlesbrough Theatre, and if you get the chance to see them then you definitely should.

It’s a great night packed with comedy, dancing, singing and beautiful costumes, with performers all the way from Thailand. Post-Covid-19, the show will hopefully return to its packed audiences and interactions with the cast on stage for everyone to enjoy once again.

Even with restrictions in place, the night was still a lot of fun and the cast gave their best performances as always.

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