Letter to a conservative MP

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The UK is heading for disaster. Brexit on top of the pandemic is a huge mistake. The majority of people see this now, and that majority is growing. We can still do our utmost to stop this self-serving incompetent government. We can write to our MPs, from whichever party. We can urge them to pressurise for an extension period as Nicola Sturgeon has done. Keep badgering them. They need to know how the ‘people’ feel and know our ‘will’. 

Here is my letter to my MP yesterday…

Dear *****,

Thank you for your last email. Didn’t do much to reassure me I’m afraid. My mental health is shot to pieces and I’m one of the lucky ones with a garden.

You are negotiating deals when we had fantastic trade deals before. We are now in Tier 4 and people are now frightened, out of pocket, and depressed about cancelled Christmas plans.

I would argue that this latest, and necessary knee jerk reaction, is a result of the shambolic response to Covid-19 from the beginning. The government has been late in its reactions. The government has learned nothing from being late in its reactions through the year, and totally squandered time during the summer when this should have been planned for. The Tories are responsible for not being prepared from the pandemic exercises several years ago.

It was always unrealistic to even suggest a five-day break (for Christmas). The virus pays no attention to this…

You have always voted with the government. You have to share responsibility for the chaos we are in. We are not in control. Britain is a runaway train. Brexit is shambolic. Kent is a joke. Human faeces are now being found at the side of the road. Aid is arriving from UNICEF. People in the cabinet have no idea how ordinary people live.

I imagine that they will not have to ‘stockpile’ because they have multiple freezers full of food and wine in the cellar. The poor and the most vulnerable in our society will continue to bear the brunt of this hideous situation. Still the government bangs on with its foolish mantras. Such as the ‘will of the people’. I do not meet many of these people.

I could go on. What’s the point? This government has an agenda, and pestilence and storms and unprecedented circumstances will not put it off its course.
All bluster and no common sense.

This country is now ruined for years to come. You can hear the desperation in the voices of ministers and see despondency in their body language. Hardly confidence building.

My Christmas will be peaceful! In theory I can go to my son’s as part of a support bubble. He, however, works in London, so am not sure what to do. My granddaughters broke up early last Thursday so that is something. Something the government didn’t want schools to do! I really don’t know what to do.

As For next year, will it be happy, will it be prosperous? I really don’t think so. Those wealthy enough to have hedge funds managed for them, I’m sure will be.

We will be cut off from Europe, isolated and so much poorer.

Dear God in heaven. Brexit is disastrous on top of the pandemic. The government had the perfect opportunity to suspend and rethink Brexit with Covid-19. Deadlines pass and pass. This oven ready deal has not been put in the microwave yet and in my opinion is well passed its use by date. It will be rancid.

Well, I hope that you will enjoy your Christmas with your family.

We will see what the New Year brings …

Kind regards,

You can sign the petition and share it widely. Nothing is ‘enshrined’ in law.

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