Letter to my Tory MP: further delays to NHS pay rises


I have just read this about further delays to NHS pay rises.

I am beyond appalled and I hope that you will agree with me given your close connections with the NHS. The staff are on their knees. They are working so hard and do not have enough staff, plus they weren’t paid what they were worth last year. Currently, members of your party are justifying taking outside paid jobs because they can’t live off their salaries. May I suggest if they can’t live off a salary of 80 grand plus, they should get out of politics. My pension is currently 16 grand gross and I live off that.

Your salaries automatically get adjusted in line with independent review, whether the country can afford it or not. Is this fair or another case of one rule for you etc? Furthermore, I find it gross incompetence that a pay rise was not budgeted into the NHS budget in the first place. Bad business.

Makes all the PM’s bluster in public and at PMQs, when he spouts spending figures like confetti ad nauseam, as hollow as everything else he says.

Smoke and Mirrors. Rob Peter. Pay Paul.

Please use your voice in committee etc to stand up against this. It is an absolute travesty of justice.

Also, the information coming out about ‘gatherings’ in Downing Street during lockdown is beyond sickening, when the rest of us were missing loved ones, people were dying alone in hospital, having external window visits in care homes etc and our mental health was in a terrible state, is beyond sickening.

Makes Barnard Castle look like chicken feed.

I sincerely hope that you will tell me that you attended none of these. When are you going to get rid of the man in charge of all this? I know you consistently tell me how much you admire the PM and think he is doing a grand job, but I just don’t get it.

He needs to go, though God knows who will replace him. Perhaps an upstanding man like yourself. Don’t fancy any on the front bench or, indeed, many of the backbenchers.

There’s so much more that is making me despair too but I have a lot to do for my impending move, which I hope will be on the 17th. Then I will be out of your hair but will no doubt follow your parliamentary career with some interest.

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