Poetry Corner

Letter from the Express to its readers

Illustration by Tom Owen
When will it dawn on you
we are anything but friends?
Still, 75p says you’ll stick with me
until the bitter end.

Were you hoping that my gloss
would grub off on your sleeve?
You’re as foreign to me as the refugee
I spit on as they leave.

Just because our target’s placed
on someone else’s back,
that doesn’t mean we’re not dead keen
to stretch you on the rack.

When we have finished with
the queers and the blacks
and those pesky single mums,
you’ll find our attack

dogs turned, we’ll invent
a reason why you
can be hunted by a mob
clad in red, white and blue.

But for now just keep buying
and we’ll keep on crowing.
Thanks for your cash, we really must dash
and thanks for keeping us going.

Harry Gallagher

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