Poetry Corner

Little sister

Illustration by Katy Read
When will she wear out 
like Little Ted? I asked

but Little Sister
wasn’t going anywhere.
Little Sister
was long in the making.
In fact, Mother wouldn’t have waited 
so long for Little Sister
if having me hadn’t ‘nearly killed’ her.

Little Sister looked like
a tadpole in the bath,
had a rich godmother 
who gave her porcelain dolls,
and looked like one, 
with long lashes and arched brows.

Mother paid for a portrait photograph
to be taken with Little Sister
while I was at school.

She didn’t like my frown.
She said if the wind blew
I would ‘stay that way’ 
and ‘if looks could kill’…

Alex Corrin-Tachibana

This poem was originally published in Artemis in 2020.

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