Poetry Corner

Me in your eyes

Me in your eyes is the first in a series of four poems written by international students at INTO Newcastle University

 You ask me,
 What colour is the cloud?
 Between breathing, clear transparent blue, white and grey.
 Me in your eyes,
 What colour is it?
 I don't want to
 It's just the grey, yellow and blue you're used to.
 What's in your picture?
 Is there any
 The colour of my blood,
 The colour of my pupils,
 The colour of my heart.
 With these colours,
 I find your track
 For the rest of my life.
 Pearl earrings pierce my skin,
 You light up my world.
 How can I sleep again when I’m awake?
 How can I be dense again when I feel it?
 When the beautiful clouds disperse,
 When the wound of the heart heals,
 I can see the vein of my life.
 I'm looking for you in the grey mottled town.
 I'm looking for you in the yellow fields.
 I’m looking for you in the reflection of pearl earrings.
 I spent the rest of my life,
 With my eyes,
 Looking for traces of our love.
 Yi Yu