My potted memoirs: a box set of memories

My potted memoirs: Jim Walker in Red Square in 1957
Jim Walker in Red Square in 1957

My potted memoirs is a box set by Jim Walker in 12 parts. From life in a boys’ prep school to National Service, working abroad to teaching at Northumberland College. And much more!

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My potted memoirs: Part 1

The opening chapter describes and reflects on Jim’s time at boarding school in the Surrey countryside from 1942.

Part 2

Life at Stowe, a boys public school and some holidays…

Part 3

In this chapter we read about Jim’s National Service and an experience with a difference…

My potted memoirs: Part 4

Jim got a place at Cambridge because of being a ‘good chap’… Jim attends his first political rally…and a visit to Moscow…

Part 5

We read about Jim’s first jobs. These included being a pharmaceutical sales rep and also a teacher.

Part 6

In part 6 we read about a trip to Russia.

Part 7

A chapter about the challenges of teaching in Uganda.

My potted memoirs: Part 8

More on teaching in Uganda on the snow-capped Ruwenzori mountains.

Part 9

The teaching stories continue: this time in East Africa. This chapter includes a production of Julius Caesar and a different performance at the National Theatre.

Part 10

And now we head back to Britain.

“Even the female teachers are allowed to wear trousers – and you should see the state of the books!” 

Part 11

There were some interesting times with two jobs at Northumberland College.

My potted memoirs: Part 12

“I describe myself as a retired teacher. But I’ve also done work as actor, book-keeper, building labourer, ice-cream seller, interpreter, long-distance bus-driver, newsreader, paint salesman, pharmaceutical rep, proof-reader, property manager and ski rep.”

Jim Walker

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