‘No deal blues = more food queues

No to No Deal protest in Hexham

Local residents from the North East held a socially distanced protest in Hexham Market Place on Saturday morning. This was joining the other 3.5% events taking place across the country. The 3.5% represents the number of people it takes for peaceful protest to succeed and has quickly taken off as a movement primarily against the series of disastrous actions made by the current government.

Spokesperson Caroline Ludlow said: “This event in Hexham focused on saying ‘no to no deal’ as the North East will be the area worst affected by this economically. If we don’t strike a comprehensive  deal with the EU by 31st October then we will be facing a double economic blow from Covid-19 and Brexit . This is because it is the exact same day that the furlough scheme ends when it is expected that many jobs will be lost”.

Placards included ‘No Deal Blues = More Food Queues’, ‘No2NoDeal’ and ‘Save British Farming’ as one in three farms are said to be at risk of closure in the event of a No Deal Brexit. 

The demonstration was well received by passers-by, some coming up to tell us of their support, others coming to ask further questions who had not been aware of the gravity of the situation.  

Another demonstration is planned for next weekend, this time in Newcastle.

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