North East Bylines: most read articles of 2021

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

The piece you have all been waiting for…the most read articles of 2021. Here are the top five in reverse order…

Number 5 most read article in North East Bylines

A view from Luxembourg on the relationship between the UK and the EU a year on by Fiona Godfrey.

Number 4 most read

Scott Hunter writes about an immigration protest in Glasgow.

Number 3 most read

This one from way back in January 2021 on the ongoing Nissan story reported in North East Bylines. By Louise Brown.

Number 2

A report on the Brexit Isn’t Working protest at the Tory Party Conference by Joe White.

From the North East

Number 1 most read article in North East Bylines

And finally, our most read article of the year was this piece on Wetherspoons by Peter Benson.

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