Plan B: Matt Vickers MP on “doing what is right”

Photo from wikimedia commons

On Tuesday this week, Parliament will vote on the new ‘Plan B’ Covid measures. Labour is expected to support these measures. However, the Prime Minister is likely to see a rebellion from a number of his own MPs who do not agree with further Covid restrictions.

One of them is our very own Matt Vickers, Conservative MP for Stockton South. He has said that he will be voting against the government.

Matt Vickers became an MP is 2019 in one of the so-called ‘red wall’ constituencies. Today he told Times Radio:

“I do not believe we should be going down the plan B route. We talked about learning to live with it, we promised people they will get these boosters in their arms and the world will come back to normal, kids will be able to go to school properly without masks on, we promised them the economy would be free, we’d be free to get things going, and that’s exactly what we need to do.”

When he was asked about the size of the rebellion, he said:

“I wouldn’t like to guess the number. In real terms, it is not a vote we’re probably likely to overturn the government on anyway, so I think the numbers might be irrelevant – it is about people doing what they think is right.”

From the North East

Whatever you may think of the government’s ‘Plan B’, it is interesting to note how out North East MPs voted only last week on a different issue.

Matt Vickers, along with other ‘red wall’ conservatives, Richard Holden, Dehenna Davison, Peter Gibson, Paul Howell, Jill Mortimer and Jacob Young voted for the Nationality and Borders Bill, a dangerous measure that denies our fundamental human rights.

A selective interpretation of “doing the right thing”, I think.

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